Because personality makes a difference.

Personality determines how we perceive, decide and act as individuals. It strongly influences all aspects of life. We at MassineScheffer & Company use our in-depth knowledge of personality to your benefit.

For an objective and fair personnel selection.

Our AAP – Applied Assessment of Personality provides you with tailor-made recruiting. A software-based matching process determines precisely which personality best fits the needs of your position.

We know that an individual’s personality is the most important influencing factor in all areas of life:

more determines how we perceive the world, act and make decisions. This knowledge has been given very little attention in the economy so far. Benefit from our valid data from many years of scientific research.

For fair and long term recruiting.

For tailor-made, tried and tested  communication.

In software-based and resilient processes.

Welcome to MassineScheffer & Company.


Quickly identify and make optimum use of candidates’ potential. Are you looking for a fair and valid personnel selection process?


Personality is key to professional success – and that's exactly why we at MassineScheffer & Company are convinced that personnel selection requires a valid instrument to carry out this task.

Measuring instruments

Our product contains differentiated measuring instruments for obtaining personality data of the highest scientific quality.


In a three-step process, we identify a requirements profile and a candidate profile for a vacancy and calculate the individual fit: the personality-job fit.


Communicating with individuals’ personalities means:
Understanding and specifically addressing target groups.

Providing consultation for companies and brands, to help you base your marketing, communication and sales activities on the personality and needs of your target groups in a consistent and cross-media manner. Our consultation service demonstrably leads to communication success and greater target group relevance, thus drastically reducing coverage loss.